Ben Abbott Chopper Class

Build a Forged in Fire Chopper with the Judge himself!


$750.00 per person



About this experience

Ben Abbott is a judge and undefeated competitor on History
Channel’s “Forged in Fire”. After earning a 9-0 competition
record and judging countless competitions. He has learned a
wealth of tips and tricks on how to be fast and make big
knives and swords that come out sharp, strong, sexy, and
tougher than a 50-cent steak! Come learn the process, and
some of the tips and tricks that have helped Ben in his knife
making and competition career. In this class we will be
making a big chopper/camp knife, then we will have an
opportunity to test them against several media to learn about
edge geometry and blade design. The class runs from 9:00-5:00Saturday and Sunday with breaks for lunch (provided).

Your Host

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Ben Abbott is a two-time Forged in Fire champion who began making blades after seeing arms and armour in museums and castles around England when he was 13. Not being able to buy a sword at the time, he decided to make one for himself. After several spectacularly failed attempts, he decided to scale back his aspirations, and start smaller. He began making knives when he was about 17, and has been working on his understanding of their nuances ever since. He spent many years making knives, tools, ornamental ironwork, jewelry, furniture, and anything else that needed making, but still never made himself a sword. The first sword that Ben finally made was the winning khanda sword for Forged in Fire. Ben has firsthand experience with the pressure and challenges Forged in Fire contestants face, and knows the dedication it takes to walk away a champion.