5 Reasons to EDC a Fixed Blade

5 Reasons to EDC a Fixed Blade

Folding pocket knives are by far the most popular style of blade for everyday carry. They’re compact, indiscreet, and mass-marketed in a way that makes them hard to ignore. However, they come with some drawbacks that are worth paying attention to. 

For example, moving parts break. Folders can be slow to open in a stressful situation and they lack the strength and durability found in other types of knives.

Our FieldMates offer a viable alternative- compact and light, they’re perfect for everyday carry and have some distinct benefits over the traditional folding knife. Below you’ll find 5 reasons to consider carrying a fixed-blade knife daily.


Whether you’re headed into the field for a hunting or fishing trip, or spending a long day in the shop or at the office– there’s a strong chance that having a hard-working knife at your side will come in handy. 

Fixed-blade knives are also more robust and durable than folding knives. Pivots on folding knives are a consistent weak point that can break, especially if you’re bending or twisting the knife or putting a lot of stress on the blade.


Beyond the durability offered by fixed blade knives, they tend to also be stronger. A fixed-blade knife is likely to have a thicker overall blade profile and a stronger spine. Most of our fixed-blade knives are one continual piece of steel from the tip of the knife to the back of the handle. This unibody design, combined with our heat treatment process means that you’re working with a seriously strong tool.


Folding knives have another major disadvantage when it comes to handle design and grip purchase. Since the handle of a folding knife is designed to accommodate the entire blade of the knife, the handle is often formed around the needs of the blade. 

With our knives, we form the handle to provide the user with the best and most comfortable grip possible. This can be extremely helpful for tasks like skinning, cutting line, or hard work around camp where having a good grip on your knife can mean the difference between getting the job done and getting stitches.

Speed and Accessibility

Quick access to a sharp knife can be crucial if you find yourself in a high-stress situation. Maybe you need to cut a mooring line on a boat or give an assailant pause. Whatever the case, a folding knife buried in a pocket, purse, or pack isn’t going to do you much good. Being able to instead reach for a fixed blade securely mounted on your belt or the waist strap of your hiking pack gives you more options to handle the situation.


The fact of the matter is that mechanisms fail. Even the most thoroughly maintained folding blade knife is still subject to failure. Pivots can break, springs can snap, and tension screws can magically go missing. With a fixed-blade knife, there’s no worry that you’re not going to be able to get to the business end of your knife when you need it. At most, a fixed-blade knife will require occasional cleaning, sharpening, and treatment with Snake Oil to stay in working order; no matter what’s thrown at it.

While a lot of people believe that fixed-blade knives are only good for Rambo wannabes, they can actually be very concealable, practical, and helpful everyday carry options. 

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